WeSIS Lab people

Konstantinos Demertzis

Dr K.Demertzis is a military Officer and serves in Research and Informatics Corps of Hellenic Army.

Konstantinos Rantos (Director)

Dr K. Rantos is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at the International Hellenic University and Director of the Web Services and Information Security Lab.

Vassilis Tsoukalas

Mr. Tsoukalas works as an ETEP in the Department of Computer Science.

Konstantinos Tsiknas

K.Tsiknas is currently employed at the Hellenic Ministry of Defense, where he is involved with the development and implementation of various projects for the Greek army in the fields of computer networks, telecommunication and electricity.

Thomas D. Lagkas

Thomas D. Lagkas is an Assistant Professor of the Computer Science Department of the International Hellenic University.